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The sleepy little town of Schindelbr├╝cke (Shalebridge) sits upon a tributary of the River Stir. It’s trade coming from the river’s traffic and its small market.

Nestling within a sheltered Sylvanian valley surrounded by thick forests it is the very picture of idyllic rural peace.

But of late a shadow has fallen on Schindelbr├╝cke. People have been reported missing, an old man, a fishwife and a little girl. Strange things have been seen in the woods, the town is gripped with fear. The local militia calls for good folk to come forward to investigate the menace and our brave heroes have heard the call.

Well, that and the chink of coin.

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Gaming style

The gm is in chargeMy games rely on a lot of improvisationAn informal game atmosphereCharacterisation and dramatic enjoyment is encouragedCharacters may die in this game
May contain disturbing contentMay contain scary contentI will mirror back player ideas i think are interestingGonzo   may contain strangenessAll rolls are open

A Shadow On The Water

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