Stone bridge with sapling gary gackstatterA small gathering of low stone buildings with thatched roofs, stout doors and heavy shutters. It housed a close-knit community of river folk and mill workers.

Many of Steinbrucke’s inhabitants are connected to Steinbrücke Mill, the watermill that grinds corn and other cereal crops from dawn to dusk every day that it can be used. It is the centre of the community and it’s owner Herr Ötto Von Garsden is perhaps the wealthiest person in the Brückvald. Indeed his home Castle Von Garsden, a fair sized manse perched upon the hillside above town is the largest building for miles.

There is a small quayside with a few small craft moored.

The open patch of grass known as ‘the square’ leads to the stout stone bridge from whence the village takes it’s name. There is a small tavern The Golden Mare, a blacksmith’s and a livery.


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