Mother Taalya

Tap Maid - The Drifting Barrel


Taalya was born to a river family and was raised on the water until she married a successful Stirland Fisherman called Aelfric Bertmauer when she was still but a girl.

They bought The Drifting Barrel together and Taalya took to the life of an Innkeeper with unusual ease. She became attuned to the demands of a bustling hostelry and swiftly became popular with the regulars with her dark good looks, quick wit and easy charm.

Her husband has not faired as well, taking to drink and becoming all but useless around the place.

They have no children, something which has become a favoured subject of Shalebridge’s gossips.
She is a passionate and sometimes fearsome woman who has become a cornerstone of her small community.

Mother Taalya

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