Brynholf Von Dorn



Heavily armed and capable of defending his coach and passengers.

Blunderbuss, + black powder and shot
Knife, in boot.


Employee/Owner of ‘The Lady Shallya’, a brightly decorated stagecoach that travels the Drakwald Forest roads.

Brynholf has been a coachman along the Stir for many years. Having scavenged a rugged-looking carriage from the aftermath of some battlefield many years before.

He has become acutely attuned to the Stirland country and its denizens and as such has turned his coach into a veritable fortress to protect himself and his passengers from harm.

Along the way he has encountered many strange creatures including several forms of undead. Consequently he has become almost offhand about them. They cause him no fear unless in large numbers. Brynholf has yet to be confronted by a Vampire Lord and will react as one might expect to that experience.

Brynholf Von Dorn

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