A Shadow On The Water

Welcome to the Brückevald.

An introduction

RackhamThis is the introduction page for A Shadow On The Water, a story set in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st Edition, a grim world of perilous adventure.

The story is set in a poor backwater province on the River Stir shrouded in thick forest. Travel in the area is primarily by boat. This being the safest, fastest way to travel in the region. Braving the twisted paths of the dank Drakwald Forest which blankets the valleys is to be avoided.

Brückevalders tell of foul things encountered in the forests. The decayed forms of the restless dead, shades and other strange things unnatural and unclean. When forced to travel the forest paths folk only do so armed, in groups and never after dark. Indeed the houses of the province are renowned for their heavy-shuttered windows and thick doors with heavy bolts.

Each night as darkness falls, homes and businesses of the province are barricaded against both the elements and the horrors that walk by night.



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